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Quotes are powerful. That’s why we love them. They are efficient, tight and engaging in the way a one liner comedy joke is. The problem is that some of societies most powerful quotes are either taken out of context, misattributed or never said at all. That’s where we come in.

QuotesExplained is a website dedicated to not just the cataloguing of famous quotes but putting them into the correct context that everyone can understand and is in line with the authors intentions (as best as one can be). 

While there are already great resources out there for detecting and catching fake quotes, we’ll also go a step further in debunking fake quotes by speculating about what sociopolitical forces may have existed at the time the fabrication first appeared. 

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Most Famous Quotes From History

Breaking Down Some of History’s Most Important Quotes As with Philosophy and Literature, History is open to confusion but in its own unique way.

Most Famous Fake Quotes

Fake Quotes and Why Did Albert Einstein really come up with the definition of insanity? Or does George Washington really think that you need

Unpacking Philosophy

Philosophy: Ground Zero For Quotation Confusion Is there anything more confusing than one of Nietzsche’s aphorisms? How about a line, any line, from Hegel?

World Altering Quotes

winston churchill drawing

We Shall Fight On The Beaches Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill’s famous “We Shall Fight On The Beaches” quote is perhaps the most famous line from his most famous quote. However, few seem to understand what Churchill meant in terms of context at the time the words were uttered. Let’s breakdown all of the context, and words, surrounding Winston’s famous 1940 line.

drawing of a young Winston Churchill

Nothing In Life Is So Exhilarating As To Be Shot At Without Result

This post is about the famous quote by Winston Churchill that “Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.” The quote derived from a book the young Winston Churchill wrote about his time assigned to serve in a British military campaign in the North West Frontier.

Drawing of Winston Churchill

Best Winston Churchill Quotes

A page dedicated to the former Prime Minister Winston Churchill whose leadership during WWII turned the course of the war. Throughout his life, Churchill was a quote machine with great quotes coming in every book or speech he gave. This page, a type of historical dedication to the man, will document some of the great quotes and where they appeared in his life.

statue of Herodotus

Of All Men’s Miseries, The Bitterest Is This Herodotus

The Greek writer Herodotus, who wrote extensively about war and geography, may be most known to for his line “Of all men’s miseries the bitterest is this: to know so much and to have control over nothing.” We’ll get into who Herodotus was, what he said, and just what he ancient Greek historian was talking about in what is perhaps his most famous quote. The simple explanation of the words can be understood as Herodotus saying that humans are really smart, but we can’t control everything. This can be frustrating because we can understand what’s happening, but we can’t always do anything about it.

Ayn Rand

There is No Smaller Minority Than The Individual Ayn Rand

This page is an in-depth investigation into the quote by Ayn Rand often summarized as “there is no smaller minority than the individual.” We’re going to (attempt) to put that quote into context, as well explain what she was talking about and some of the many ways the quote has been (and can be) adapted to contemporary politics.

Remember that although Ayn Rand is considered a far right figure in terms of her political beliefs, we would ask you to avoid that being cause to dismiss her in her entirety.

Thomas Jefferson

I Tremble For My Country When I Reflect Thomas Jefferson

This page features the famous quote by third president and leading enlightenment figure Thomas Jefferson, who remarked in 1784 “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just.” We’ll have more about what Thomas Jefferson was talking about and the context of the quote below.

Oppenheimer and nuclear bomb

Now I Am Become Death Destroyer of Worlds J. Robert Oppenheimer

This page is going to look at the historical and political background surrounding J. Robert Oppenheimer’s famous utterance that is often referenced with his repurposing of the quote “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” The full quote by Oppenheimer can be viewed below and hints at the level of dismay that the legendary physicist had about dropping the bomb.

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