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At QuotesExplained, we value suggestions on new quotes to explain, debunk or place in context. With each quote we’ll first look at whether the person claimed to have said it actually said it. After that we’ll then look at where the quote was uttered, when it was made, and what sociopolitical forces that might have ushered the quote into existence.

While we try to put an emphasis on quotes that are often pressed into service by social influencers without proper context we’re open to going into depth about any quote.

Suggest a Quote

Looking to have a quote explained that we haven’t covered? Fill out the form and we’ll add it to the queue. Please make sure that we haven’t covered it before by looking at our Recent Quotes section or by searching in the box above. Also note that, while we are looking to expand to other disciplines, we are currently only publishing quotes on Philosophy, History, and Literature. However note that what might fall under the category of Literature or History, may well be broad.

Investigate A Fake Quote

Among the most difficult work in scholarship is actually how difficult it is to actually ‘confirm’ that a particular author never said something (see proving a negative). Fake quotes, whether they be misattributed or outright fabricated, can have major impacts across the socio-political landscape.

This is an example of a fake quote that continues to proliferate on Facebook that we have extremely strong evidence to believe is not true.

Please fill out the form to get in touch with us. Whether you want us to investigate a fake quote or need one explained, we’re ready.